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The DeLonghi kMix 5 or 10 cup coffee maker is very easy and simple to use. You just put water in the tank, coffee grounds into the nylon, permanent filter and push the on button. That’s even easier than instant coffee because you don’t have to boil the water. The body of the machine is available in eight vibrant colors, so you are sure to find the perfect match for your kitchen décor.

DeLonghi uses the highest quality materials, and every machine is manufactured with superior craftsmanship. The durable die cast construction guarantees many years of reliability. The kMix comes with a built in cup warmer so you can preheat your cups for an optimum coffee drinking experience.



Unique Features of the DeLonghi kMix Coffee Maker

  • Permanent nylon filter – Stop wasting money with paper filters. This machine comes with its own permanent nylon filter that is easy to use and cleans up in a snap. The filter is specially designed for the kMix basket, so you are assured of a perfect fit.
  • Unique design – This coffee maker has a unique design that really sets it apart from the others. The high quality materials and durable construction will provide many years of carefree use.
  • Multiple colors – Most coffee makers come in black or white. The DeLonghi is available in eight vibrant colors, so you can your favorite color, or the one that best matches your kitchen décor. The color options are magenta, blue, yellow, orange, green, red, and of course, the traditional black and white.
  • Five cup capacity – Coffee makers measure cup sizes differently. In baking and cooking, one cup is eight ounces or 250 ml. The cups for a coffee maker are closer to a traditional tea cup, which is about 5-6 ounces. This means that this coffee maker will brew about 25-30 ounces, or about three mugs. There is also a ten cup version available.
  • Cup warmer – The machine has an integrated cup cup warmer. Pouring coffee into a preheated cup improves the flavor and keeps the coffee hot longer.
  • Sure grip carafe – The unique carafe design won’t slip out of your hands when pouring, and the no drip design prevents coffee from dripping when the carafe is removed.
  • Opti-Temp – This is a trade marked term that guarantees the optimum coffee brewing temperature is maintained.
  • Thermo-Gen – This trade marked term tells users that the water temperature is heated to the perfect point for brewing.


Additional Details About The kMix

  • Auto shut off – This is not a unique feature. Most coffee makers are designed to shut off automatically two hours after the brewing cycle is complete. However, it is a very handy feature.
  • Not programmable – This coffee maker is not programmable. You have to make the coffee every time you want a cup.
  • The machine measures 10.2 x 6.7 x 11.6 inches and weighs 6.46 pounds.


Drawbacks of the DeLonghi kMix

  • Doesn’t sit under kitchen cabinets too well. The top is long and has to be opened all the way to add water. When the top is open, it won’t fit under the cabinets. This isn’t really a drawback because most coffee makers have to be pulled out to add water. Unless the coffee maker has a water tube feeding it water from behind, you have to pull the machine out to add coffee and water.
  • Only brews five cups of coffee. This is enough for the average coffee drinker, but if you have guests you can only serve one round. However, there is also a ten cup model available, so if five cups at a time isn’t enough, you may want to consider the larger one.


Questions About the kMix

  “What kind of filter does this machine use?”

The DeLonghi comes with a nylon permanent filter, but you can use paper, cone shaped filters, if you like.

  “Where can I find a replacement carafe?”

That seems to be a problem for many people. Replacement carafes are hard to find. You may have to contact the company directly.



DeLonghi-Kmix-1The price is extremely high considering what this machine has to offer. For a simple coffee maker that is not programmable, you would expect to pay about $15, but this machine is over $100. It is durable and well made, but that still does not justify the price. The only thing that sets the De’Longhi kMix apart from other coffee makers is the cool design and the variety of colors.

You can buy a De’Longhi kMix coffee maker on and on the company website.

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One Response to “DeLonghi Kmix Drip Coffee Maker

  1. By: Harvey Wilson
    Date: September 1, 2015 at 11:47 am

    I bought the orange model for my dad, who is into all things orange! He likes the coffee maker, says it makes good coffee and he loves the way it looks. He even takes it along on trips in the motorhome. I didn’t mind the price as Dad says this is one of the best gifts he’s ever received. I expect he will continue enjoying this coffeemaker for years to come. :)

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